Limited Liability Company (LLC) Forms

Managing Rental Property, Sample LLC Forms

Sample LLC Forms packet for students of our Managing Rental Property landlord training class.  (file opening password is required from instructor)  See our Seminar schedule for class dates, times and locations.

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LLC operating manual


Limited Liability Company LLC Forms List

These LLC forms are password protected and not available to the general public.
Passwords are available to our students and customers only.

  1. Company Records Book Index

  2. LLC Operating Agreement, Manager Managed

  3. Schedule A, Member Contributions, Commitments and Distributions

  4. Schedule B, Ledger of Membership & Voting Interests

  5. Schedule C, Membership Interest Transfer Ledger

  6. Schedule D, Wyoming Close LLC Restrictions

  7. Amendment to Operating Agreement, (blank)

  8. Amendment to Operating Agreement, Single Member LLC

  9. Minutes of Organizational Meeting

  10. Minutes of Annual Meeting

  11. Written Unanimous Consent in Lieu of a Meeting of the Members

  12. Bill of Sale to LLC

  13. Resolution- Open Bank Account

  14. LLC Certificate Sample

  15. LLC Articles of Amendment Sample Form

  16. Resolution- Authorize Contract

  17. Resolution- Authorize LLC Membership Certificates

  18. Resolution- Authorize Investment by LLC

  19. Resolution- Authorize Real Estate Transfer

  20. Resolution- Authorize Website Design

  21. Resolution- Lease Items or Equipment

  22. Resolution- Purchase Items

  23. Resolution- Reimbursement for Money Paid

  24. Resolution- Sell Items

  25. Reference: Colorado LLC Laws

  26. Warranty Deed- to an LLC

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