Colorado Notary Stamp, Seal

Colorado Notary Stamp, Seal

Colorado changed some notary laws on August 8, 2012, defining new requirements for the notary stamp and seal in CRS 12-55-112.  The notary stamp must be a rectangular shape, and must contain, inside an outline, only the following:

Colorado Notary Law1. notary’s printed legal name
2. the words “Notary Public
3. the words “State of Colorado
4. the notary’s identification number
5. the notary’s commission expiration date

The stamp ink color is not specified by law.  I prefer to use blue ink and sign with a blue ink pen unless the document instructions specify black ink.  Since most people make a black and white copy for their records, the document with the blue ink stamp is easy to identify as the original.

Although there are five items of information that are required to be on the notary stamp, the law does not require the items to be placed on five separate lines of the stamp.  A stamp with five lines will be larger than a stamp with three lines.  The required information can be placed on three lines as follows:

Colorado notary stamp sample

A smaller sized rubber stamp is more practical because it will fit in the small stamping areas found on many documents, and the small stamp will cost less than a larger stamp.  Since the stamp contains the commission expiration date, it must be replaced every four years.

A notary who obtained an official seal before August 8, 2012, may continue to use the seal until the renewal of his/her notary commission.

Notary Seal Embosser

A notary public shall not provide, keep or use a seal embosser.

On an electronic document, an electronic notary may attach his/her electronic signature and a document authentication number (DAN) rather than a handwritten signature and rubber stamp seal.

The notary must also keep the stamp secure to prevent theft or misuse.  It is a misdemeanor to wrongfully possess and use a notary stamp, seal, journal, papers, records or electronic signature.

Notaries must use a rubber stamp that complies with Colorado notary law.

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