Certificate of Incumbency, Company Officers

Certificate of Incumbency, Company Officers

Under Colorado law, businesses must keep certain business records, including a list of directors and officers for a corporation and a list of members and managers for a limited Colorado Lawliability company (LLC).   A Certificate of Incumbency may be useful.

When a business wants to execute a contract with another party, the other party may require evidence that the person signing a document is authorized to sign the document on behalf of the business.

A Certificate of Incumbency may be used to list the names, titles, specimen signatures, and addresses of the incumbent (current) company officers.  The certificate is signed by an authorized officer of the business, usually the President or Secretary.

The certificate can serve two purposes.  It provides evidence of the currently authorized officers for executing a contract, and it can also serve as the list of officers required by record keeping laws.

If the company needs to get a document notarized, the certificate can provide evidence to the notary that the person signing the document has current authority to sign as a company officer.

Sample Form

A free sample PDF version of a Certificate of Incumbency form is available at Certificate of Incumbency.  The Certificate of Incumbency may be notarized as a sworn statement of a company officer who has personal knowledge that the facts stated are true and correct.

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Certificate of Incumbency, Company Officers
  • Certificate of Incumbency, Company Officers
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