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Basic Colorado Notary Training
Our Basic Colorado Notary Training course will prepare you to take the online Colorado Notary Exam. No prior legal background is required. Notaries do not give legal advice or draft legal documents. All students receive a 36-page Colorado notary training booklet, which serves as a valuable notary reference guide for daily notary work, as well as learning notary procedures, and useful notary tips. Students also receive a 4-page Colorado notary exam study guide to prepare for the online, open-book notary exam. Students will learn basic Colorado Notary law and how to apply or renew to become commissioned as a Colorado Notary. Current, expired and renewing Notaries will benefit from the review and tips for avoiding common mistakes and problems. Students must submit a copy of a current driver’s license or photo ID. Students will receive a Certificate of Course Completion upon successful completion of the class.
Module 1 Colorado Notary Application Requirements  
Application requirements for new, expired and renewing Colorado notaries.
Unit 1 Notary Application Requirements, CRS 12-55-104
Unit 2 Notary Application Process

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