Notary History Article Timeline

Code of HammurabiNotary History Article Timeline

Our Colorado Notary Blog includes a growing reference library of articles on notary history, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome.

We continue with the Pope, the Church, Columbus, Spanish Conquistadors, French explorers, New England Colonial notaries, territorial notaries, the Old West, Native Americans, Republic of Texas, and notary records, up to modern-day electronic notaries.

Use the table below to find an article regarding a year, time period or topic in notary history.  Then click on the article title in the Colorado Notary Blog, or browse at Notary History.

We continue to add new articles on notary history to our collection.
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Year Era Colorado Notary Blog Article Title Description
2750 BC Notaries in Ancient Egypt notaries were part of royal society
1754 BC Code of Hammurabi, Babylon early code of recorded laws
1500 BC Notaries in Ancient Phoenicia masters of the sea, trade, exploration, alphabet
360 BC Notaries in Ancient Greece Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Egypt, Rhodes
50 BC Roman Law Influence on Notaries, Tiro Tiro, creator of notae shorthand method
50 BC Private Seals, Sealed Instruments, Locus Sigilli seals were used by royalty and private citizens
60 AD Saint Mark, Patron Saint of Notaries and Lawyers writer, record keeper
800 AD Notaries and the Church Popes appointed papal notaries
930 AD History of the Oath King Athelstan, Anglo-Saxon, English common law
1099 AD Notaries and the Knights Templar [planned] developed banking during Crusades
1215 AD Magna Carta, England early version of bill of rights
1228 AD Notary School of Bologna, Renaissance Italy developed notary laws and procedures
1324 AD Marco Polo Travels and Will notary who wrote Marco Polo’s will
1478 AD Notaries in the Spanish Inquisition [planned] inquisition. Spain, North America
1492 AD Notary with Christopher Columbus Rodrigo Escobedo, royal notary
1519 AD Spanish Notaries with Cortez, Aztec Mexico [planned] notaries with Cortes (Cortez)
1532 AD Spanish Notaries with Pizarro, Inca Peru notaries with Pizarro, Inca Peru
1540 AD Coronado Expedition, Muster Roll notary for Cortes (Cortez) and Coronado
1598 AD First Thanksgiving, El Paso, TX Spanish Thanksgiving before Pilgrims
1598 AD Notary with Conquistador Onate, New Mexico royal notary with Conquistador in New Mexico
1607 AD English Common Law for Notaries English common law came to Jamestown Colony, 1607
1626 AD Dutch Notaries in New Netherland Dutch were in New York before the English
1639 AD Notary Public Day, Nov 7th colonial notary in New Haven Colony
1644 AD Aspinwall Notarial Records, Boston colonial notary in Boston, rare records
1648 AD Marine Protest and Maritime Law rare records of marine protests
1682 AD La Salle Expedition, Louisiana Territory French notary with La Salle
1706 AD Ulibarri Claims Colorado for Spain royal notary with Spanish explorer
1776 AD Declaration of Independence after the revolution, states and territories passed notary laws
1800 AD Notarized Documents of Native Americans, 1800s Indian chiefs, treaties, signatures, interpreters
1836 AD Notaries in the Republic of Texas Texas Republic 1836-1846
1842 AD Bent’s Fort, Colorado one of the first notaries in Colorado
1853 AD Notary Reference Books notary reference books date back to colonial and pioneer era
1859 AD Jefferson Territory territorial notaries before Colorado Territory
1860 AD Pony Express Pony Express, Julesburg
1861 AD Colorado Notary Reference Documents Colorado Territory notary laws
1862 AD Colorado Territorial Notary, Eugene Weston territorial notary, Pueblo County, Eugene Weston
1864 AD Martial Law in Colorado martial law declared for Indian wars, labor strikes, flood
1865 AD Deposition by Colorado Notary Sand Creek Massacre, Chivington, Atkins
1872 AD Depredation, Horses Stolen by Indians affidavit, Colorado horses stolen by Arapahoe Indians
1876 AD Colorado Day, Statehood end of Colorado Territorial notaries
1898 AD Notarized Testimonial used in Medicine Advertising miracle cure patent medicine, Pink Pills for Pale People

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