Notary for Medical Documents

notary medical documentsNotary for Medical Documents

We provide Colorado Springs mobile notary service for many types of medical documents and heath care documents including estate planning documents, patient records, affidavits, evidence, business records, long-term care and medical marijuana.

Medical Estate Planning Documents

medical power of attorney (MPOA), health care power of attorney, living will, advance directive, HIPAA release

Medical Patient Records

patient records, hospital records, dental records, client records, clinical records, therapist records, HIPAA records, medical records release

Medical Records Evidence

medical records affidavit, medical records deposition, subpoena duces tecum

Medical Business Records

medical billing records, doctor’s office signings, business records affidavit

Long Term Care Documents

long-term care (LTC) agreement, ombudsman support

Medical Marijuana Forms

Colorado Medical Marijuana forms
marijuana dispensary key employee application

Contact us to notarize your medical documents and health care documents.

Visit our website for Colorado Springs Mobile Notary services or Colorado Notary Training classes.

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Notary for Medical Documents
  • Notary for Medical Documents
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